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Terror Never Sleeps win national book award
Terror Never Sleeps wins national book award.

The National Indie Excellence® Awards exist to help establish independent publishing as a strong and proud facet of the publishing industry. Recognizing authors that put their heart and soul into their work, the National Indie Excellence® Awards is proud to be a champion of self-publishers and small...

Danger woman with gun
How Real Life Experiences Contribute to My Writing

I write military thrillers to honor those who serve overseas in the military and their left-behind families. In Terror Never Sleeps, I try to unearth why Navy SEAL Jack Gunn, and in effect anyone who serves in the military, is willing to die fighting terrorism?...

Aprils Etching
Be Brave

Be Brave One of the key elements of writing, which was drilled into my head early on at a writer's conference, is to be brave, to dig deep and expose the raw nerve endings of emotion. If I don’t lay it all on the line, you the...

If you liked Lone Survivor, you’ll like Warpath

If you liked Lone Survivor, you’ll like Warpath. The same goes for Captain Phillips and Zero Dark Thirty. I know people who personally know or knew the brave, patriotic SEALs who carried out those missions. I’m in awe to the point of tears whenever I imagine the...