Richard Blomberg | If you liked Lone Survivor, you’ll like Warpath
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If you liked Lone Survivor, you’ll like Warpath

19 Feb If you liked Lone Survivor, you’ll like Warpath

terroristIf you liked Lone Survivor, you’ll like Warpath.

The same goes for Captain Phillips and Zero Dark Thirty.

I know people who personally know or knew the brave, patriotic SEALs who carried out those missions. I’m in awe to the point of tears whenever I imagine the confidence and dedication and commitment it would take to stand in their boots, to face their own fears, to look into the eyes of terror and know they cannot be defeated.  

Every day you wake up, every night you lay down, the SEALs, the Navy, the Air Force, the Army, the Marines, the Green Berets, Delta Force, the police, the fire fighters, and on and on and on, are giving it up. Every day, they gamble with putting some part of their life on the line, serving you, protecting you, making sure you don’t have to worry about rolling over IEDs on the way to work, or a band of terrorist ransacking your local grocery store. or religious fanatics burning your church on Sunday morning with everyone locked inside.

These scenarios seem outrageous, but they happen every day in other parts of the world. If you read the world news section of the paper, or watch BBC news, or check the internet, you know it’s true. So when you see a soldier, or a military family’s Facebook post, or a Viet Nam veteran, know they gave up part of their life for you and me.

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