Richard Blomberg | Qualities of an Aspiring Author
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Qualities of an Aspiring Author

14 Feb Qualities of an Aspiring Author

Everyone has a story to tell. YOU have a story to tell. Your life is unique. Nobody has ever, nor will anyone in the history of the world, experience what you have experienced. We can all learn from you, if you’re willing to do these five things.

Be Courageous

Ignore the voices of doubt and fear whispering in your ear. Stop playing it safe. The time has come. Become transparent and vulnerable. Dig deep. Dare to reveal what secrets hide in the recesses of your soul.

Be Unshakable

The business of getting your book published, your baby, your paper heart and soul, can be daunting. You’ll need thick skin for when an agent or editor or publisher says “No Thanks” to your submitted work. I’ve received the “No thanks” email many, many times, before someone finally said, “Yes.” Remember that when they say “no,” it means, “You can do better. You have to do better.”

Be Persistent

Nobody knows how to write creatively the day they come into this world. It’s a learned skill. If you’ve never written before, enroll in writing seminars. Take writing classes. Research on the computer. Read books. Learn from other authors. Hire an editor, Hire another editor. It’s like hand-to-hand combat. If you want to get your story out there, you have to keep fighting. 

Be Imaginative

To hear the whisper of your soul you need to quiet the noise of your life. Not for all time, just when you’re trying to create magic. Turn off the radio in your car, the music in your ears, the TV, even the kids. In the silence you’ll discover thoughts and feelings and emotions waiting to be discovered. Tap into your inner self. Don’t worry about the ending, just begin. Start writing and be amazed at the words that find their way onto paper. Experience a miracle.

Be Diligent

Writing is work. When you already have a regular job, maybe two to three, becoming an author requires commitment and sacrifice and discipline and time. I find my writing time in the middle of the night, when everyone else is asleep. You may choose to stay up late after everyone has gone to bed. I find I’m more creative when I’ve had sleep and a cup of coffee. However you choose to do it, to keep the creative juices flowing and your story moving forward, you have to somehow carve time out of your twenty-four-hour day, and that’s not easy.

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