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Be Brave

10 Apr Be Brave

Aprils EtchingBe Brave

One of the key elements of writing, which was drilled into my head early on at a writer’s conference, is to be brave, to dig deep and expose the raw nerve endings of emotion. If I don’t lay it all on the line, you the readers get cheated.

But when I think about it, everyone has to be brave to get out of bed every day. It’s not just the obvious ones like soldiers, police and firefighters who have dangerous jobs, but everyone else too. Those battling cancer, the school teacher facing a room full of students, the after-midnight cab driver, the traveler boarding a plane; everyday life requires courage.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Life is exhausting. Life can get you down and keep you there. Some days you have to fight for every inch, for every breath. But like a wrestler who gets their shoulders pinned to the mat, time after time and keeps coming back for more, you have to answer the bell when the alarm goes off and come out fighting.

It is a new day. Be Brave.

This pencil etching is a work in progress by one of my daughters. An Indian Brave and his eagle. The bear is yet to come.

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