Richard Blomberg | An Interview with Navy SEAL Jack Gunn
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An Interview with Navy SEAL Jack Gunn

mind over matter

20 Mar An Interview with Navy SEAL Jack Gunn

We’re thrilled to be talking to Navy SEAL Jack Gunn from Richard Blomberg’s latest novel, Terror Never Sleeps. mind over matter

Thank you for your interview, Mr. Gunn. Before we get started, I understand that you are still in the Navy SEALs and I want to thank you for your service. Can you tell us your story?

Thank you for having me on your show. I grew up on a Montana Indian reservation. My parents died in a car fire when I was 8. I pulled my little brother out of the back seat window, but I couldn’t save our mom. Grandpa Joe and Grandma Bear Nose took us in. They’re both gone too… The Zuya, which is a secret sect of Sioux elders raised Travis and I in the old ways since we are both from Sitting Bull’s blood line. I learned to throw and shoot pretty much anything; knives, spears and hatchets, well, you get the picture. I realize it may seem odd to most of your readers after what America has done to us, but Native Americans are very patriotic. So the Zuya trained me to be a warrior and to defend the United States of America against terrorism.

I joined the Navy straight out of high school. The SEALs were a natural fit for a guy with my skill sets. Since before 911, I’ve been hunting down and killing terrorists. I’m good at what I do. Some say I’m the best, but it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I kill them before they kill you. And believe me, if you saw half the stuff that I saw, you wouldn’t ever leave your house.

Tell us about your most distinguishable feature?

I have the names of all my fallen teammates tattooed on the inside of my left arm. I don’t know how distinguishable it is, but their ultimate sacrifice means more to me than anything. I wish you could have known them.

Tell me what I would love most about you?

I’m a hard man to like, much less love. I’m pretty rough around the edges, if you know what I mean. I think people love, or at least respect how I stand up to bullies. Ever since my parents died, I’ve been looking out for my little brother, and kicking ass when I needed to. I’m not always proud of what I do or how I do it, but when I see bullies picking on the little people, something inside me snaps and I revert back to my Indian name, Raging Bull Jack Gunn..

Fighting terrorists is no different. You’ve seen what ISIS does, right? And you’re only seeing 1% of what’s really going on. I’ve seen it all and that’s what I fight for; to protect you and make sure you never have to see what I see.

Tell me what I would hate the most about you.

Like I said, I’m pretty rough around the edges after spending the greater part of the last fifteen years in the Middle East fighting terrorists. I’m what we call, hard wired, meaning I can’t shut myself on and off like I could in my early years. I can’t go into details, but I’ve watched men and women wearing burkas and turbans do unspeakable things in the name of jihad. So when I see someone dressed like that when I’m back home, the hairs on the back of my neck go up. I say things I wish I didn’t say and sound like a bigot.

Tell me what’s your most treasured possession?

My family, no question. Being a SEAL is inherently dangerous, and fun. It’s a rush to do the things we do. But when my job puts my family at risk, it makes me wonder if it’s time to get out and do something else.

Tell me what’s your greatest fear?

Like I said, losing my family. I don’t fear death. In fact dying on the field of battle is how I expect to go. I’d rather go that way than withering away in some nursing home. Or like Sitting Bull died when a bunch of drunks drug him out of his bed and shot him in the head.

Tell me what your idea of a perfect day is?

It would be a perfect day if we got actionable intelligence on the location of the world’s top terrorist and I dropped in out of nowhere and put two bullets between his eyes. That, or spending the day at home with my family.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

I think Richard did a good job for somebody who’s never been a SEAL, or been shot at, or twisted someone’s neck until it snapped. He might have made me sound better than I am. It’s hard to say when the story is about me, since I know what I’m like on the inside, but I have no idea how I come across to others.

Lastly, if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

My motto for life has always been to make the last thing I do, be the greatest thing I did. The greatest thing I ever did was marrying Nina and having our son Barett. I would spend the day with them, my brother’s family and my teammates. My little brother would smudge me with sage smoke and perform a ceremony. We’d tell stories and pass the peace pipe, maybe a shot or two of Jack Daniels too, and prepare the way for me to join the elders. Other than being away from my family so much, I have no regrets. God Bless America. Hooyah.

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