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Even in peacetime, commanding Task Force 121 is a dangerous job.

It’s 2020 and we do not live in peacetime.

No one knows that better than Navy SEAL Lieutenant Owen Hunt.

If you like action-packed military thrillers that seem more real than fiction,

then you will love this riveting blockbuster

by Richard Blomberg.


My literary agent Elizabeth Kracht

of Kimberley Cameron & Associates

is currently querying publishers to find the perfect home for Pressure Point.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming in Pressure Point

A tempest rages on the South China Sea between the United States and China after Vietnamese terrorists hijack an airliner full of American and Chinese diplomats and escape into the cartel-controlled jungles of Vietnam. Attempting to bait the two superpowers into war and mask their escape, the VLOA suicide-bombs a Chinese oil rig with the empty airliner and the USS Zumwalt with a tuna boat full of dynamite while live-streaming both attacks on the Internet. Shortly after the airliner disappears, Navy SEAL Lieutenant Owen Hunt, the leader of Task Force 121, learns that Kallie Jameson, Owen’s ex-lover and a State Department interpreter, was on the missing airliner. Fearing the worst, Owen is deployed to Vietnam by POTUS on a top-secret mission to track down the terrorists and rescue any surviving hostages. While the first blows of war are exchanged between Captain Hardaway’s USS Zumwalt and a Chinese warship, this noble fight to the death is won or lost on the sheer guts and savvy of warrior Owen and prisoner Kallie, who both refuse to admit defeat to their enemies, and their conflicted, broken relationship.

Task Force 121 attacking the Rathole

PRESSURE POINT is a fast-paced Special Forces thriller set in the jungle highlands of Vietnam and the tumultuous South China Sea, starting in Washington DC and ending aboard the USS Carl Vinson. It’s chock-full of entertaining characters, a complex love relationship between Navy SEAL Lieutenant Owen Hunt and Kallie Jameson, and a gut-wrenching internal battle between Owen’s head and heart as he and his team struggle to save Kallie and the rest of the hostages.

Much of the action seems more real than fiction. There’s a Naval sea battle between Chinese and American warships, electro-magnetic-pulse torpedoes, a railgun, a hijacked airliner, Agent Orange, river gunboats, a Vietnam-era retired SEAL (imagine a grouchy Dirty Harry) and his Vietnamese counterpart, tiger attacks, deadly snakes, jungle warfare, the recovery of an MIA helicopter, the Dark Web, human-trafficking, drones, a medieval French castle, over-the-top Special Forces action and much, much more.

With multiple subplots weaved in throughout the book, the twists and turns will keep you unsettled and flipping pages. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hate, you’ll celebrate.

PRESSURE POINT will take you on an emotional rollercoaster like never before.